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Winter is the time of year when the world goes into gentle hybernation. A time to look back over things that have come to be, achivements and goals complete. Winter is also a planning time for things to come, and a time to rest and recharge.

The below spread has been designed to give you guidance throughout this winter time...


Card 1 - The Tree - Where are you at with things at this time


Card 2 - Jack Frost - What do you need to let go to move forward


Card 3 - The Holly Tree - What are you overlooking or not celebrating at this time


Card 4 - The Sledge - What are your long term goals or focus points for 2020


Card 5 - The Star - What can you do to shine brightly


Please note - Readings will be complete and emailed back within a 72 hour time frame of receiving payment. Please note this option is a guidance reading only. By law this is classed as entertainment and an experiment only. You are aware of these terms before YOU choose to book a reading.


Mitch also has the rights at all time to refuse to read for someone if he feels the conditions are not correct. In these rare cases where payment has been made a full refund will be returned.

Winter Blessings - Voice Recorded - Guidance Reading


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