A Girl Called Amelia

I worked for a time in a book warehouse, straight away I was aware of a small girl called Amelia. Staff said they often felt a cold spot, and where a bit wary of the energy in the area upstairs were she had made me aware she spent her time. A couple of other staff had also claimed the would here the odd word being whispered and felt there was a girl talking to them, and on occasion had, had books fall of the shelf.

One day whilst going about my normal job I went down one of aisle and said to a colleage, oh Amelia is there sitting on the floor. My colleage took a photo and you can see the outline of her if you look closely. I had felt she died around the age of 4 or 5 and was made aware she had drowned.

Other's who have seen the Photo say they can see other spirits within, I myself can also see a dog like creature in the photo. My boss asked me to send Amelia towards the light which I did, and straight away the energy changed a calm and quiet feeling. I never saw or sensed her after and firmly believe she did go to the light.

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