Welcome To The Circle...


Hello & Welcome To This Monthly Digital Spiritual Circle. This is a safe space to learn, grow, and develop with all aspects of your own divination and spirituality. The membership is a monthly energy exchange of £30 which is paid on a month to month basis. Should you wish to not renew your membership at any time, this is fine but please be aware the password will change each month. Meaning the circle and its course material will only be accessible to paying members. (Non - renewed memberships will also result in being removed from the Facebook practise group. But should you wish to re - join at any time you will be added back in accordingly).

How does the digital circle work?

Each week on a Monday you will receive a circle news letter. There will be a subject matter, and a video explaining how the practise works. As well as practical learning's there will also be, healing and philosophy included within the teachings. It's one thing to understand various tools and ways to work. But it's also really important to understand yourself, and form a deeper bond or connection with your own spirit. Each week will also include some kind of guided meditation. There will then be a task or challenge set for the week ahead. The point of this is to get hands on with the various subject matter. Each Friday of that week there will be an optional online Zoom catchup meeting which will run from 7.30pm until 9pm. This will be a chance to talk together about how you have found the subject to be and also to connect, ask questions and practise. (The Zoom meet up is optional and may not work for everyone).


As well as this... for those that use Facebook I have set up a private circle group. This is a safe space to connect with other circle members and interact, ask questions? use the group as an ongoing hub or practise area. It may be you wish to do a live to practise one of the topics being learnt. The hope is that the group will be a safe non judgemental space where people can develop and grow together in a fun interactive way.  

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to development. It is very much a life long process, therefore it's important to be gentle and go easy on yourself. Some activities you may find flow, whilst others may leave you feeling a bit blocked. Remember practise makes perfect and the more time and energy you put in, the more you will get back.

For those that have some awareness with circles, you may find some subjects you are already quite familiar with. This course is designed to set up a base foundation that you can grow and build upon.

The final thing I would like you to do, is a buy a journal or note book. Something you can use to record the lessons we cover and the journal will act as a diary. As you develop you will see in black and white how far you have come from when you started.

Let's have some fun and I can't wait to start teaching and working with you all


Love Mitch x

Below is the link for the Facebook group... To join click the image...

Weekly reminder - Monday's a newsletter and this section of website will have the various information uploaded. The rest of the week to learn and practise. Friday night on Zoom 7.30pm till 9pm catch up on the week and some in person practise and coaching.

The Energy Of Self - Monday 4th July 2022...

This week we are going to explore what energy is, and how are you currently responding to the energy of yourself, but also others around you. 

The point of this is to form a deeper bond or connection with your own spirit. 

The Task...

To keep a journal and write down three ways each day that you feel or sense or respond to energy. By the end of the week there should be a theme or pattern to how your energy is currently working. (Please see the video for full information)

Zoom meeting - Friday 8th July 2022 - 7.30pm - 9pm