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A Little Bit About Me...


From a young age I knew I was "Different". . . I was never interested in playing sports or doing what the regular kids did. I spent most of my childhood life hating school and really struggling on a day to day basis. What got me through the hard times was, having my family around who have always been my best friend's and have always supported me, and being creative that's what got me through the school years. I was overjoyed when the time came to leave. That's when I finally embraced who and what I really was and my new life and spiritual journey began . . .



The spiritual stuff did not happen straight away it was building up in the background for quite

a few years! In the meantime I had fun meeting my partner and moved to London at the age

of 17. That was where I really discovered who I was, I loved London and the magic it had to offer.



                                                                 As I got into my early 20's me and my partner moved back

                                                                 down to Westbury Wiltshire where we have remained since.

                                                                 As well as the normal day jobs I decided I was going to be a

                                                                 Cher Drag Queen Impersonator. This little idea lasted for a

                                                                 good 6 years! Although I had fun while it lasted. (Mind you I

                                                                 could'nt sing that well and this was confirmed one night at a

                                                                 show in Worthing where half way through my set I was asked

                                                                 to stop and was boooooed off stage! Rude!!) Although I was

                                                                 gutted at the time and my life seemed to loose all sense of direction looking back now it was the                                                                          right thing to happen.


                                                                 ( The photo is from a more happy show in Cardiff Mitch as Cher)


                                                                 After the Cher dream was cut short, I spent a good year wondering what path I                                                                                                        should take next? 


                                                                 Yet . . . In between all the Cher stuff and day jobs, I always felt like there was 

                                                                 someone with me, a voice in my head slowly guiding me. This began to become 

                                                                 stronger and clearer. Eventually I started getting random customer's in where I 

                                                                 worked, who would start giving me messages and saying they were a medium? Or 

                                                                 psychic, and they saw me on stage (we know how that end's) but also saw me 

                                                                 becoming a Clairvoyant/Medium/Psychic myself? At first I brushed off the idea as

                                                                 I thought yes weird things happen to me, but I have no idea how or why? And

                                                                 would people even believe me if I was to tell them what i'm seeing or feeling?


 This went on for a number of years until I met a Medium who changed everything! I had a private reading with her and lot's of thing's came out, family members came through and lot's of stuff that a stranger should not know! She also said you have been ignoring spirit for long enough and eventually spirit will get you in the end!


She was right! And through her help I began to explore a world in which had always  been around me, I just had never fully stopped to listen to what it had to say! Now I was learning how to connect with spirit, and develop my skills further.


I'm now on a new path and able to give comfort and validation to those wanting to  connect with loved ones who have passed over. I have also discovered myself who my own spirit guides are and how they help me to deliver messages, whilst keeping me safe. I met somebody through a friend who also works with spirit and has the ablity to see and draw spirit guides.

I would therefore like to share my guides with you, who help me to do what I do.


Albert - My main spirit guide and who I connect with most when doing readings. He is an old timer who enjoys colourful bow ties, he has a great sense of humour and can be very naughty.





















                                                                                                                     Native American Indian - This is my second spirit guide, he is much more serious than Albert but he helps to keep me safe and grounded. I do not know his name?


As well as my 2 main spirit guide's I have also been told I have a previous lover from a past life that walks with me, whom I would like to make you aware of. 


James Thomas -  This man was my lover from the 1950's . I have been told he still walk's with me as he loved me so much and doesn't 

                                                                                                  want to leave me. We were both in the Navy and got caught up in an explosion 

                                                                                                  that resulted in our death. 

                                                                                                  It has been said that Albert was also in the navy and looked after the pair of us.


                                                                                                  I have been told James is happy with my partner in this world and approves 

                                                                                                  very much which is a great comfort to know!


                                                                                                  That conclude's the section about me and I'm lookng forward to the next spiritual

                                                                                                  chapter of my life and the journey that await's . . .





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