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Here you will find some charities that Mitch has put on events for, or been involved with to help with fund-raising - Fayres/Clairvoyane nights and more...



I have been blessed by the spirit world and the gift that they have given me, to pass on messages and connect the two worlds and bring hope and comfort to those I read for. 

I wanted to use my gifts in a way that I could give back. Mitch has used his work as a way to also help various chraities here a some he has helped...

Discover Your Purpose - The Anthology

A project & book I feel really blessed to be a part of...

Discover Your Purpose – The Anthology
Resources to Guide You from Pain to Purpose

This Anthology came about through the collective contributions from members of the Discover Your Purpose Facebook Group, facilitated by the intuitive career mentor Sam Lyndley.
During October and November 2017, these Authors and business owners gave their time voluntarily to write an account of their challenges and mitigations, in an effort to help guide those who might find themselves in similar situations.
Each contributor has begun taking the steps to Discover Their Purpose in true entrepreneurial and ethical style, with a huge heart and an abundance of love.
To ensure our contributions reach a wider audience, all proceeds will be donated to the Mental Health Foundation, a charity which serves the public with valuable resources, being dedicated to finding and addressing the sources of mental health issues.
Their knowledge, informed by rigorous research and practical based study, has been pioneering change for more than 60 years and they aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo or tackle difficult or under researched issues.
Find them here:

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A Home For Kale

Kale is facing the battle of a lifetime after he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Until less than 2 months ago he was a regular 14 year old boy, who loves Marvel and Dr Who and whose favourite bands are the 1975 and Royal Blood. Then the most terrifying thing for any 14 year old and his family happened. After being unwell for many weeks over the summer, on the 7th September Kale was finally diagnosed with a brain tumour located on his brain stem. He was immediately admitted to Bristol Children’s Hospital where they began to prepare for surgery to remove it the following week. Unfortunately, before that could take place Kale suffered a bleed on the brain, so he was taken to surgery immediately where they were able to remove all of the tumour. The tumour was tested and thankfully was benign. The bleed had caused some brain damage, but Kale was able to communicate using his eyes  and was having daily therapies to help him recover and day by day he was making progress. That progress sadly came to a halt on the 21st of October, when Kale was back in surgery to have a new drain put in, and he suffered another bleed on the brain that caused him to fit. The future is uncertain for Kale and it is currently unknown how severe the brain damage is and what his recovery prognosis is. What we do know is that this will be a long journey and one that will change Kale and his family’s lives forever. Any money donated on this page will be used in the following ways: -   We now know that it is not possible for Kale to return to the family's current home. The main aim is now to raise £150,000 to buy a house that is better suited to Kale's needs.  -    Any extra therapies / equipment that may benefit Kale  -   If there is any money left over that is not needed then it will be donated to the Grand Appeal for Bristol Children Hospital, who have been providing such fantastic care for Kale.


Stalbridge Cancer and Recovery Support (SCARS) was founded in 2014 by Tracy White who, having been through the 
difficulties of cancer diagnosis and treatment, found that there was no local support for those who were going through the same.

Tracy's vision was that the group would be an informal and kind place where members would feel relaxed and at peace.
Regular monthly meetings are supportive and consist mainly of members discussing relevant, irrelevant (and sometimes, irreverent!) topics and if they wish, telling the group of their experiences of the past few weeks. No-one is required to speak and new members may just wish to listen to others and draw from their experiences.

Meetings are very friendly affairs, "round table" style and are a good excuse to forget about the difficulties of life for a couple of hours.
Most importantly, all members treat the meetings as private and confidential so that new members can feel safe about what they discuss or disclose.

Support and friendship is not just restricted to meetings and members are supportive to each other whenever anyone needs help or just a bit of company.

Think Amy

Amy was killed on 15 June 2011 by two car drivers racing each other at motorway speeds along a residential road in Taunton, Somerset.

Amy was cycling along a cycle path with an adult on a clear sunny evening when the driver of the lead car lost control on a bend. The car became airborne and struck Amy. She died instantly. She was just 13 years old.

Her death was unnecessary and avoidable. It would not have happened if those two drivers had chosen to drive safely.

We want all drivers to:

  • Think Amy: to think about how they are driving so that no one else like Amy has to die unnecessarily

  • Drive Safe For Life

Our charity’s purpose is to advance road safety for the public benefit in particular by:

  1. raising awareness of the consequences of driving dangerously

  2. encouraging drivers (especially new and young drivers) to drive safely by thinking about their responsibilities as drivers: to themselves, their passengers and other road users

REAN - Rescuing European Animals in Need

We are UK based rescue group, who helps Romanian dogs in need of help. Our aim is to create a better life for the the strays and public shelter dogs by placing them in private shelters, where they are cared for adequately and rehomed throughout Europe. We make regular trips to Romania to assist local rescuers in shelters, and to take food, medical supplies and beds to dogs in need. We have built our own private shelter in Ploiesti and are always in need of good homes for our dogs. If you can adopt, foster or sponsor a dog or donate food/medical supplies, please message us. Our paypal for donations is own, click here.

Cameron's Campaign

Cameron's Campaign was set up to help a very special family cope with the shock of a terminal illness.

On the 9th of June 2015 a normal family received the devastating news that their little boy Cameron had terminal cancer.
Cameron is 2 and half years old, he loves tractors and shetland ponies, he’s the youngest of two children. Daniella is 11 years old she loves all animals and all things Disney!
Cameron has been diagnosed with a brain tumour which unfortunately is in a very intricate place within his brain, it has attached itself to his spine proving inoperable.
Every donation made will be going towards raising money to aid the unexpected costs of travel, care, possible alternative treatments and creating family memories. This is a completely non profitable campaign.
Predominantly we are looking to make life easier for the family; Sarah, James, Daniella and Cameron. 
Both Sarah and James grew up in Frome, Somerset and has since lived in Weymouth, Dorset for the past 9 years where they brought up their two children. They've recently moved to Nether Cerne near Dorchester. Daniella attends St Mary's School in Puddle Town and Cameron loves going to Chipmunks Nursery in Dorchester.
This campaign has been set up by a group of friends who are well aware of the unexpected time and costs of a very unfortunate and devastating situation.

Westbury Parent Carer Group

We are a relaxed friendly group of mums and dads, we share all the snippets of information about being a fulltime carer for children with additional needs

The RUH - Forever Friends Appeal Bath

The Forever Friends Appeal raises funds to help pay for additional equipment, research and innovations, as well as finishing touches and 'extras' that complement the existing high quality care for patients at the Royal United Hospital.

We are currently raising £8.5m towards an exceptional Cancer Centre at the RUH, as well as supporting the wards and departments of the hospital. 

The Forever Friends Appeal, RUH Charitable Funds. Registered Charity No. 1058323

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