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Handfasting Ceremonies...

In 2018 Mitch was lucky enough to be hand fastened to his lifetime partner, when two souls declare their love for each other, and make that commitment to be bound not just in this life, but in every life time together. It is one of the most powerful enriching experiences there is. From this Mitch knew he wanted to be able to create that amazing feeling for others that are looking for an alternative style of wedding. 


Although dating back over 2000 years, handfasting ceremonies have become increasingly popular. Couples nowadays are looking for ways to include symbolism in their ceremony. Good on them! A handfasting ceremony is an ancient Celtic tradition and symbolises the binding of two lives. This symbolism is portrayed by the couples' hands being bound together by a cord. Tie the knot much? Once the hands are tied, words are then recited that express commitment and unity. Originally, this ritual was actually for engagements, rather than weddings. The act acknowledged the engagement and willingness to stay together, which usually went on for about a year. 

Today, these ceremonies are found in Pagan, spiritual, and even Christian ceremonies. The ceremony is either wiggled into the wedding somehow, or it's the main event itself. It essentially depends on the couple, and how big a part they want the symbolism to play. The couple usually end the ritual or ceremony by jumping the broom or besom. Sweeping away any negativity they may have carried in their lives before as they start a new journey bound to each other. It is custom for guests to jump the broom once the ceremony is complete.   


Weddings, especially in recent years, have become incredibly personable. Many couples feel that more traditional-leaning weddings can be restrictive. Or maybe, they don't really reflect who they are, or what marriage means to them. A handfasting ceremony is a great way to acknowledge your unity, and connection and to add intimacy. However, other people like to salute the ancient tradition itself.


Weddings of this nature are by law not legally acknowledged at the moment despite the practice being upheld for many years. This means that whilst you are partners in life, you do not have the same legal rights as if you were to get married in say a registry office.  It is common practise with handfasting's to get any legal ceremonies done first, and then have the more sacred ritual of hand fasting afterwards. Which is often seen as the main wedding.


What will you get with Mitch conducting your special day.  You will get a bespoke ceremony handwritten by Mitch who will include any personal touches and be sure to inform the couple at every stage of what's being done and included. You will also get a copy of the ceremony and a certification showing a hand fasting ritual has taken place. Mitch will conduct the special ritual in love and truth.


Mitch currently charges £250 and will ask for an upfront payment of 50% to be paid to secure any agreed dates. The remaining balance needs to be paid up to one week prior to the event. Depending on venue location Mitch may also have to include a separate petrol allowance charge. This will be communicated at time of booking should that be required.

(Please note - No refunds will be given unless for some reason Mitch is unable to full fill the service, in which case a full refund would be honoured).

To check availability for your special day or to ask any other questions you may have click the Crystal Ball below...


Mitch has teamed up with his friends at Bardward Of Frog Lane who specialise in handfasting cords, and accessories to make your day even more magical.

Mitch has also teamed up with professional photographer Thomas from The Moon's Gaze to bring you stunning photo packages to remember your special day.



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Ceremony Photography By Thomas @The Moon's Gaze
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