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The Wizard Within Oracle Deck....

I am so excited to launch my first official oracle deck - The Wizard Within... - This project has been around 4 to 5 years in the making. I wrote the original deck of cards up and the stories and meanings many moons ago. I then collaborated with several artists that all took on the project but stopped at various stages for different reasons. Some felt the project was too big, others had personal changes meaning they could no longer commit to the artwork. I decided to put the project away for a few years and thought to myself this will probably never become finished.

All that changed in 2022 when I connected with a fantastic artist who started out being a client of mine. Melanie Ciavattone - Who has a beautiful style of artwork exploring black ink and colour. I told her my vision and idea for the deck, and she wanted to know more. The rest became history as they say. Not only did Melanie take on the project, but she also hands down smashed the artwork with beautiful bespoke mystical images incorporating the meanings and stories behind each of the cards. Not only has Melanie been completely professional the whole way through. She has also kept me informed with each piece of artwork and each stage as it has grown and developed into the beautiful deck it has become today. This is the start of a beautiful friendship and there will also be other collaborations in the near future. 

Below are some earlier images of the artwork & cards coming to life...                                             

 (All artwork is owned by and copywrites to ©MelTangleArt2022)


To find out more about artist - Melanie Ciavattone - Meltangleart - Click the icons below...


The Deck & Instruction Manual...

The deck is currently on a limited print to order edition. It costs £40 with free standard shipping in the U.K overseas orders will incur an additional shipping charge. If you would like to place an order the deck can be purchased via bank transfer or PayPal. Please click the crystal ball to get in touch.


If you have currently purchased the deck THANK YOU for supporting a small independent business that means the world to us. If you have purchased the deck, you will notice that it has been designed in a way where each of the cards can be read intuitively. You also get basic keyword instruction cards to help you when connecting with the meanings. 

As well as this the deck also includes a FREE downable PDF instruction manual with full Indepth meanings and descriptions. Each card also features a Wizard Incantation. This can be used as daily mantras, or you can use them in spell work or magick, or just as daily affirmations to help you with aspects of your life.  

To download your free PDF instruction manual, use the link below. Alternatively, you can email Mitch at the following email address who can send you an emailed version of the instruction manual -

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