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Reading's, Reiki, And More...

How Is A Reading Or Healing Session Conducted With Mitch?

Mitch has made the decision to only work via Zoom or Facebook video chat. Personal events within Mitch's life have meant this to be the safest and most accessible way to work.

(Mitch will no longer be doing face to face reading's or in person healings at his home or at other people's homes. Please respect this decision and do not ask for this as its something Mitch can no longer offer).

Mitch will still be doing public events for in-person services. So for those wanting a completely in person experience, you will still be able to see him at psychic & holistic fayres, shops and Demo Nights etc...

The benefits of the services being conducted online means it's in the comfort of your own home so you can be as relaxed as possible. It also means that Mitch can connect with people all around the world.

If using the Zoom option reading's can also be recorded free of charge.

With any booking readings or healings must be paid up front to secure time and date.

How Does Mitch Read For His Clients?

Mitch is a Spiritual Medium, Psychic & Tarot Reader. This means that when Mitch conducts are reading you will receive a mix of the above. Tarot and Oracle cards will be used to offer guidance. This is an important tool within the reading as it may highlight any psychical issues a client is dealing with or going through. The cards will tell a story and give input into how to overcome, and move forward from these issues within the clients life.

Mitch will also link with the spirit world and bring forward messages from loved ones, that walk from the world of spirit in our every day life. Please note with any form of mediumship there is no guarantee on who may or may not step forward. This is out of the mediums control, and is made clear before the reading is conducted. Mitch will always provide a space for a loved one to connect but he cannot guarantee a connection will be reached. 


With all readings what is needed from the client is an open mind, and an open heart. Spirit work on a vibration of love and light. So send the love out to spirit freely, but also be open to receive the message they give.

Finally, Mitch will always keep things real within his readings & work, so he will not say something if it isn't being shown first hand. Everything that takes place within in a reading is private and confidential. Mitch will never discuss a client's reading with outside sources.

Reiki Healing With Mitch?

Mitch also offers Reiki Healing energy sessions online and is currently attuned to levels 1 & 2. Leaving emotional, physical, and metaphysical problems untreated will result in them creeping into your aura and affecting you physically, often causing stress and reducing your emotional well-being. The treatment will cleanse each of your seven chakras, and have them opened or closed as you desire.

Lasting half an hour each session . Mitch will channel and work with his healing guide to reiki channel positive energies through his hands and onto the client’s body via distant healing. Although longer sessions are available, Mitch believes that half an hour is enough. Mitch's clients often tell him that they feel almost revived after the treatment, as if they have been healed, and that they experience calmness. Find out for yourself just how beneficial reiki healing is by arranging a half-hour session yourself.

Please Note - As with any form of spiritual or energy work there is no guarantee on people being "healed" and cured of there problems. Healing energy is channeled for the highest of good, from the highest of intentions surrounded with love & light.

Violet Flame Reiki Healing With Mitch?

Mitch is also a trained in Violet Flame healing and can offer this service online. The violet flame (also called the violet fire) is a unique spiritual energy that can help you in all areas of your life. It can heal emotional and physical problems, improve your relationships, help you to grow spiritually, or just make life easier. 

The flame is the essence of a unique spiritual light. Mystics of all ages have glimpsed a "spiritual spectrum" behind the physical spectrum. Radiant colors, more pure and rare than those found on earth, emanate from a brilliant, "inner" divine light. Just as a ray of sunlight passing through a prism refracts into seven colors, spiritual light splits into seven colors, or "rays" - each of which has specific divine qualities. The violet flame comes forth from the violet ray, which has the qualities of mercy, forgiveness, freedom and transmutation. 

The color violet has long been associated with spirituality. Having the highest frequency in the visible spectrum, violet is at the point of transition to the next octave of light. To the ancients, this transcendental color was a spiritual rather than a physical phenomenon. 

Saints and adepts throughout the ages have known how to use the violet flame, but it was only released to the public earlier this century by an Ascended Master called Saint Germain. Ascended Masters are enlightened spiritual beings who once walked the earth like you and me. They balanced their karma (paid their debts to life) and fulfilled their reason for being. They then ascended, or reunited with God. You probably already know the names of a few Ascended Masters - Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha and Krishna.

What the Violet Flame Does

Ever wish there was a way you could wipe out your past mistakes? 

While you can't go back in time, the violet flame has the power to erase, or transmute the cause, the effect, and even the memory of our past mistakes. Transmutation means to change - to alter in form, appearance or nature. The violet flame changes negative energy into positive energy, darkness into light, "fate" into opportunity. The flame also erases the resultant "bad karma" of our mistakes. 

Our past actions - both good and bad - do come back to us. This is the law of karma. This impersonal cosmic law decrees that whatever we do comes full circle to our doorstep for resolution; simply, what goes around comes around. 

In general, most people must pay their debt to life, or "balance" their karma, by selflessly reaching out and helping others, by working through misfortunes that come their way, or by passing through diseases or other forms of personal suffering. But it need not be so with the violet flame! The violet flame is able to transmute or mitigate our negative karma before it comes back to us. 

On the physical level, the violet flame can help heal our bodies by removing the karma that makes us vulnerable to illness and disease. But the real cause of disease is often rooted in our mental, emotional and spiritual states. 

Today, we are discovering more and more about how our thoughts and emotions can affect our health. Research has shown that hatred and other negative thoughts and feelings actually create excess amounts of acid in the body that it cannot assimilate. These negative thoughts and feelings often originate in emotional and psychological problems, which the violet flame can help to resolve. The scars of old hurts and painful memories may be healed and dissolved when the healing balm of the violet flame is applied.

How the Violet Flame Works

The violet flame works by changing "vibrations". In physics, vibration is the speed of oscillation - the speed at which something moves back and forth. On the atomic level, vibration can be understood to be the speed at which electrons orbit around the nucleus of the atom. The violet flame works by changing vibrations on this level. 

Atoms are mostly empty space. The empty space between the nucleus and the electrons is where negative energy and karma can become stuck. When the atoms in our bodies and auras become clogged with this negativity, the electrons whirl slower and slower, and we begin to resonate more with negativity, and less with light - we have a lower vibration, and become less spiritual. 

The violet flame transmutes this negative energy. It does not simply surround and remove the energy, but transforms it into light. Because there is less density within the atom, the electrons whirl faster and faster, thereby raising your vibration. 

When you have a higher vibration, there is more spiritual energy in your body. Acupuncturists and yogis know that optimum health comes when this spiritual energy flows freely throughout the body. The violet flame frees up this energy and re-establishes harmony and equilibrium, propelling you into a more spiritual state.

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