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Chakra Cleansing - Tarot Guidance - Voice Email Reading...


Many people come for reading's wanting to know or seek the answers to various insights or issues with pockets of their world. They often focus a lot on what is happening with the outside world around them, but often over look the power of whats happening from within. The Chakra system  often holds the answers to many hidden problems. Often the Chakra system can get blocked up with things that have gone on from the past, or the demands we put upon ourself within the physical world. This maybe emotional, physical, or mental. But by tapping into the energy of your chakra system with the power of Tarot we can take a look at what might be happening... This in return will offer gudiance of things that you will be able to look at and even have the power to overcome. 


This service has been designed to help you make sense of what is happening within your own Chakra system. It is a Seven card spread, and looks into each of the seven major chakra points within the body, to help explore and make sense of things you may need to know about or realise, very often we forget or overlook the internal energies we maybe holding onto that could be causing issues, or slight blockages within the physical world. The reading works by the following structure...


- Card 1 - Base/Root Chakra - Childhood issues that are cuurently affecting you.

- Card 2 - Sacral Chakra - Emotions you maybe holding onto.

- Card 3 - Solar Plexus Chakra - Situations that maybe causing you anxiety or stress.

- Card 4 - Heart Chakra - How you can find compassion for yourself.

- Card 5 - Throat Chakra - Any beliefs you are holding onto too strongly.

- Card 6 - Third Eye Chakra - How you can connect to your life's purpose

- Card 7 - Crown Chakra - How you can deeper your connetion to your higher self.


Please Note - Readings will be completed and emailed back up to 6 working days from receiving payment. Please note this reading does not include mediumship and readings offer guidance only. By law this is classed as an experiment only. You are aware of these terms before YOU choose to book a reading.


Mitch also has the rights at all time to refuse to read for someone if he feels the conditions are not correct. In these rare cases where payment has been made a full refund will be returned.

Chakra Cleansing Guidance Reading - Voice Recorded Email Reading

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