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Healing Your Inner Child - Tarot Guidance - Voice Recorded Email Reading


This Tarot spread is a 7 card spread that gives guidance around areas that your inner child may be wounded or in need of healing from. By nuturing your inner child very often negative cycles can be broken, and growth can unfold within your life...


Card 1 - How My Inner Child Feels Currently?


Card 2 - What I Lacked As A Child?


Card 3 - Something That Left My Inner Child Scarred?


Card 4 - How That Is Affecting My Life Now?


Card 5 - Something I Can Do To Heal My Inner Child?


Card 6 - How I Can Support My Inner Child?


Card 7 - A Message From My Inner Child?


Please Note - Readings will be completed and emailed back up to 6 working days from receiving payment. Please note this reading does not include mediumship and readings offer guidance only. By law this is classed as an experiment only. You are aware of these terms before YOU choose to book a reading.


Mitch also has the rights at all time to refuse to read for someone if he feels the conditions are not correct. In these rare cases where payment has been made a full refund will be returned.

Healing Your Inner Child... Tarot Guidance... Voice Recorded Email Reading

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