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Work From Home - Tarot Workshop Course...

This Course Has Been Designed To Give You All You Need In, A Beginner's Guide To Learning The Tarot. It Covers Everything You Would Get From  A Live Course. With The Added Bonus Of Learning At Your Own Speed. The Course Is Spilt Into 10 Easy Modules. There Is Then A Test At The End. Once The Test Is Complete You Will Recieve A Certificate Of Achievement To Show You Have Done An Online Course In Tarot. 

The Modules:
1. - A Brief History & Introduction To Tarot
2. - The Tarot At A Glance
3. - Do's & Don'ts When Working With Tarot
4. - Mediation - Cleansing - Connecting With The Cards
5. - The Cards - Major Arcana
6. - The Cards - Minor Arcana - The 4 Suits
7. - Preparing To Give A Reading
8. - A Look At Understanding Tarot Spreads
9. - Conclusion - Other Styles Of Tarot
10. You Are Ready For The Test...

The Course Is Available As Two Different Package Options :

- Package 2 - Includes The Workshop Course & The Card Deck

Learn From Home Tarot Workshop

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