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An online learn and study in your own time workshop in the art of - Cauldron Scrying. 

This course is taking the teachings of an ancient craft, and bringing them back into the modern world. You will learn all there is to know about scrying with a cauldron.


The modules will include...


- What Is Scrying?

- How Was Scrying Used In The Past?

- Cleansing & Meditation Connecting With Your Cauldron

- How To Scry

- Working With The Elements:
- Fire
- Earth
- Air
- Water

- Using The Cauldron To Connect With Your Spirit Guides

- How You Can Use Scrying To Give A Reading

- Conclusion


Please note - This course DOES NOT include the cauldron. Cauldrons are a personal tool therefore it is down too yourself to source the style you wish to work with.


Please see the link below - This is a great place to source the perfect cauldron...


Workshop written by Mitch Garlington.

All Rights Reserved 


Online Only - Cauldron Scrying Workshop

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