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Spirit Magick - A Practical Guide To Psychic And Mediumship Development

Spirit Magick – A Practical Guide To Psychic And Mediumship Development…Have You Ever Felt That You Are Maybe A Little Bit Different In Some Way? Perhaps Even Psychic? Have you Ever Sensed That There Is A Presence With You In A Room? But You’re Not Sure Who Or What Is There? Have You Ever Had An Overwhelming Feeling About A Person, Circumstance Or Situation, To Find Out It Plays Out Within Your Physical World And Becomes True? If Yes To Any Of The Above You Are Ready To Explore The Power Of Spirit Magick. Spiritual Medium – Psychic – Tarot Reader – Healer – Male Witch – Mitch Garlington Has Created A Book Of Truth. To Help Explore And Understand The Gifts Of Psychic And Mediumship Spiritual Development. This Is An Easy To Understand Journey Into The World Of The Spirit Realm. Along The Way You Will Learn All You Need To Know In Order To Embrace And Explore Your Own Spiritual Gifts. This Book Is A Practical Guide To Self Development, Keeping All The Learnings And Teachings Of The Subject Matter Grounded And Real. Through The Eyes Off A Full Time working Spiritual Medium. Let The Power Of Spirit Magick Guide Your Heart Centre Forward, It’s Time To Embrace The Hidden Wonders Of The World And Let The Journey With Spirit Begin…

Signed Version Of Spirit Magick - A Practical Guide To Psychic & Mediumship

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