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Spiritual Medium, Psychic, Tarot Reader, Healer, Male Witch... Mitch Garlington

Stranger In This World...

This Is My Adventure Of Life And Spiritual Awakening. To Make Sense Of The Present Day We Need To Travel Back In Time To Where The Story Began...Join Me On My Journey Of Life, I will Share With You My Ups And Downs...The Highs And Lows...The Good, The Bad, And The Down Right Ugly...Stories From My Childhood Days To The Here And Now...You Will See That The Spirit World Were Always There Working With Me In The Background Right From The Beginning... However I Did Not Realise That Back Then...I will Share With You My Tales From The Hidden Realms, The Dreaded Teenage Years, My Days As A Drag Queen Performer And Much More... Fasten Your Seat Belts It's Going To Be A Bumpy Ride.

Signed Version Of Stranger In This World

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