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Did you know... Tarot and the Zodiac Astrology chart are closely linked with each other...

Your date of birth not only gives you a unique star sign, but also links in with the Major Arcana of the Tarot and each of these cards is linked to one of the star signs. This is known as your birth card.


By understanding your birth card, how can this help you within your every day to day world?


By understanding your birth Tarot card (or someone elses that you maybe having issues with), you can start to understand how that person thinks, feels, and responds within the physical world. This can be really helpful if your faced with certain challenges, it could be you a struggling to move forward in an aspect of your life? Or perhaps you are finding a realtionship hard with a family member, friend, lover or partner, or maybe even a boss or co worker at work? Understanding the patterns and behaviours can overcome an communication issues, or show you how to respond with that type of energy. 


Should you feel drawn to this service in the notes please state who the reading is based on. Either yourself or somebody else... If someone else please include there name and the connection to you. Most importantly I need the starsign or date of birth of the person you would like the reading to be based upon. (Please note - without this I cannot conduct the reading. Please leave details in the notes box when making a purchase)


Please Note - Readings will be completed and emailed back up to 6 working days from receiving payment. Please note this reading does not include mediumship and readings offer guidance only. By law this is classed as an experiment only. You are aware of these terms before YOU choose to book a reading.


Mitch also has the rights at all time to refuse to read for someone if he feels the conditions are not correct. In these rare cases where payment has been made a full refund will be returned.


To learn more about this service copy and paste this link...


Tarot Birth Card - Tarot Guidance - Voice Recorded Email Reading

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