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Tarot Magick Workshop - Home Study Course


This workshop has been written and designed by Mitch Garlington. It covers everything you need to know about using the art of Tarot within spellcraft, witchcraft and magick. The course is broken down into eight easy to understand modules. The modules included are:


Module 1 - Understanding The Elements Within Tarot


Module 2 - Understanding How Astrology Links In With Tarot - Star Sign Magick


Module 3 - Basic Principles To Be Mindful Of - Rules Of Magick


Module 4 - Key Influences Within The Cards


Module 5 - Calling In The Quarters Within The Cards


Module 6 - Keep Your Magick Authentic


Module 7 - Tarot Spell Casting - Magick Within The Cards


Module 8 - When To Cast A Spell - Some Key Tips To Make Your Tarot Magick Work For You


As well as the written manual, each module has an easy to follow video tutorial By Mitch giving further information on each subject matter. 


To find the tutorial videos click the "Tarot Magick Workshop" and enter the bespoke password located within the introduction page of the workshop manual. 


Unleash The Magick Of The Cards...


Tarot Magick Workshop - Home Study Course

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