This is a little space on my website where I would like to say Thank You!! for allowing me to give wonderful readings and messages from spirit to all my clients. 

If you have had a recent reading with me, I would love to hear your feedback on how you found the whole experience, please feel free to write a comment below:

Absolutely blew me away with the reading. I didn't know what to expect but it was so heart warming and spot on. A lovely and confidential environment. Thank you so much! Highly recommend

Sarah Wingrove

Frome Somerset

Well I have to say I was unsure of what to expect from the reading at first, but things just seem to flow and mitch started to pick up on things which built up in to more things. I could not believe how he was picking up on all the little things that were so invalided to anyone that no one knew about them. its a really eye opener and its well worth doing. The tarot card reading was really nice and really related to me as well it was nice to see what life had in store for me and what it thought about the past, present, future. Over all it was a real eye opening experience and well worth doing, I am glad I have done it and will be going back to see him again. 

Thank you Mitch for everything.

Shannon Anstis

Frome Somerset

I've had messages both in person and via messenger. Mitch was very accurate and picked up things that were effecting me at present, which was very impressive! He also told me about a 'lady' who is with me, which another medium also picked up on and the information was the same! My husband also attended in person, who is sceptical, but was impressed on how accurate he was. I look forward to hearing more!!

Stacy Maslin


I have had many readings from different Mediums. Mitch has been the most accurate by far! A fantastic evening thank you for helping with the connection to loved ones that have past

Donna Murray

Westbury Wiltshire

Wot a fantastic reading from Mitch i was blown away. So accurate n true was very impressed. Can.t wait to av another reading he really is very good.

Debbie Cooper


Mitch read my tarot, this is something ive had done many times before. Mitch was more accurate than we were aware of at the time and within 4 weeks everything Mitch had fortold had come to light. This is a rareity for those more difficult clients like myself and the term "spot on" which appears to be widely used when talking about Mitch is indeed a TRUE reflection of the skills and connectons that Mitch calls upon during a reading. Definately a medium I am glad to have in my life. I can recommend Mitch without any doubt in my head or my heart. Peace be with you xxxxxxxxx




Kim Hinds

Glastonbury Somerset

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