Fairy, Mermaid or Merlin...???

Me and my partner where lucky enough to have a weeks holiday down cornwall. We where able to visit many magical places while we where there, but none more so magical than TINTAGEL.

We decided to go around the castle a big deal in it self as my partner is scared of heights! whilst up there I took loads of photos on my I-phone. It was a lovely hot day and although we where sweaty there was just a sense of magic and that feeling of being competely at one with ourselves and nature.

It wasn't until later on I was looking over the photo's when I noticed something strange with this one, and it was only on this one? A strange green figure down by the rock's within the water, at first I dismissed it as seaweed or something of that nature, but it wasnt till I zoomed in closer that I saw a glow around the edge? it also was in none of the other photo's taken seconds after.

A couple of my more spiritual friend's took a look and feel I have caught a Green Fairy or Mermaid? Other's say they can see something but don't know what it is. A few different sources also feel I have captured the spirit of Merlin the wizard. There is a famous story connected with Tintagel and where this was taken would be the very location.

TINTAGEL CASTLE - The Ghost Story As I stood at the rugged cliff top, surrounded by treacherous rocks, the wind whipping my hair and harsh rain against my face, it was easy to get lost in my surroundings. The history encircles you in such a remote location, the ghosts of the past could be right there with you. Thousands of years of habitation must have left some trace on this incredible landscape. Beneath the cliff is a cave, said to have been the home of Merlin, the magician. His ghost apparently haunts the cave to this day, and is the most reported story for the location.

Merlin or something else? there was definately a Magic in the air that day...

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